abstract seascape painting

. . . so here’s a little of my own work. I love landscapes – they’re my kind of thing!!
I love making, painting and really adore textiles too.

Horizon lines and patterns in the landscape have long been a fascination of mine. Drawn to the visual tensions that arise when sky meets sea meets land, I translate these experiences into mixed media paintings, tapestry weavings and textile pieces. My focus on colour, marks and patterns result in striking impressions of a place, whereas my appliqué and paper pieces have a more fun, playful feel about them.

Recent work includes new paintings which take inspiration from the local Angus landscape as well as seascapes around the Moray coast, the West Coast of Scotland, the Isle of Gigha and my native North Yorkshire. My approach to creating these landscapes is through the eyes of a textile designer, rather than a landscape painter. I focus on colour, shapes, patterns and lines to create an impression of a place, rather than a literal translation.

My tapestry weavings are painstakingly detailed and precious in nature, some of the tapestries are jewel-like in size and as rich in their colourful palette. Also taking inspiration from the Scottish landscape, these snapshots offer a tiny glimpse into the journeys and adventures I have undertaken during the years I have lived in my adoptive country. Choosing to capture moments in miniature tapestry is a deliberate creative act. Weaving tapestries is a slow process which allows for moments of contemplation, whilst at the same time attempting to capture the transitional nature of an ever-changing landscape, continuously altered by shifts in light and the passing of seasons.

I also produce textile pieces which aim to capture the ‘other’ aspects of her life – being a Mummy to 3 little girls as well as running creative workshops for many other little folk. Their funny, imaginative and curious souls amaze me everyday with their individuality and huge capacity for creativity. The appliqué and paper pieces I produce in response to this have a more fun, playful feel about them.

Take a look at the gallery: there are paintings on canvas, paintings on paper, appliqué designs and paper birds and tapestry weavings too! And you can find details about my exhibitions and awards here. I am fortunate to have a number of paintings in private collections across the world – from Australia to Switzerland and throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK.

I’m hoping to get an Etsy shop set up soon, but if you see anything you like here, please get in touch. I do lots of local pop-up events and you can find my work in a few gallery/shops. Just ask for details, thanks!