Victoria Wylie is the über organised and creative force behind Project Stuff.

Like many artists, I have a number of business interests which help to sustain my creative studio practice . . . each intrinsically interwoven with the other – and this guarantees an exciting, vibrant, inspirational and always busy existence! This website brings together all of my creative endeavours: Workshops DesignMake

I established Project Stuff in 2010 – a design and project co-ordination business, and I split my time between running workshops for young creatives (EXPLORE PLAY CREATE); making in my home studio; and the project work I undertake for clients. I am an Associate of a service design and innovation company, Open Change.

I began my ‘work’ career in an independent public arts agency, where I designed and delivered creative workshops for schools and community groups. Since then I have worked in publishing, become a designer/maker in a weaving and rug design studio, organised exhibitions and pop-up galleries, taught degree-level design students, become a director of a small company, supported practice-led research projects and facilitated and designed a number publications, as well as negotiating as an assistant to the punk-inspired, multidisciplinary art group Chicks on Speed. In 2013, and with three children under the age of five I achieved the almost impossible by facilitating and designing a 230-page publication in less than 12 weeks!

I was employed in Higher Education for 10 years – this included Project Co-ordinator at the University of Dundee’s Visual Research Centre where I supported practice-led research projects. As Co-ordinator for the Designing for the 21st Century research initiative (a 5-year, £6.5m joint initiative funded by AHRC and EPSRC), I worked with a multitude of HEI’s across the UK, which involved 41 projects and over 900 different research outputs.

I graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee in 1997 with a BDes (Hons) in Constructed Textiles and in 2003 with a Master of Fine Art. I threw myself back into making in 2015, after becoming a member of Angus Open Studios – this is when I launched the EXPLORE PLAY CREATE workshops.

I make a variety of artworks that I sell at pop-up shops/galleries as well as through a number of galleries in Scotland. I love making, painting and really adore textiles. Originally, I trained as a Goeblin tapestry weaver, but I’m now primarily an avid landscape painter – my focus on horizon lines, colour, marks and patterns result in striking and abstract impressions of a place. Occasionally I make collages, appliqué pieces and paper birds that have a fun and more playful feel about them. Although my main making passion is as a fine artist.

I am a co-founder of the 56º Collective – a group of artists and designers based in Angus, Scotland. We came together through a shared love of making, creating and a desire to generate opportunities to engage with folk who like the kind of stuff we make. We do this by organising pop-up galleries, running workshops and initiating activities to engage with the wider community.

In addition to being a freelance designer/maker and workshop facilitator, I spent a short time as a registered childminder – this enabled me to have precious time to work at home with my three young children. Each day I am inspired by the innate capacity of little folk who discover wonders and learn through play and exploration. If given the appropriate tools and opportunities the capacity for creativity is massive. The EXPLORE PLAY CREATE workshops is where these worlds collide – little people, creative minds, and an appetite for exploring and discovery.

I am a do-er. An organiser. A creative. A thinker. And through it all, I can be quite smiley too!